King of Truffles

The king

The king

King of Truffles is a young and dynamic company born in Isernia.

Vittorio and Edmondo Angelaccio, founders of this proudly Made in Italy reality, are known for being the kings of the sector:
a selection of pure and uncontaminated truffles, capable of making the whole world fall in love with their product,
and bringing the riches of Molise to the best restaurants in Korea, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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“The truffle. A diamond dirty with soil”.

“The truffle. A diamond dirty with soil”.

The truffle, King of the Woods, dominates the finest kitchens in the world,
and is a symbol of poetry for the most refined palates.

Legend has it that it was created by a lightning bolt thrown by Jupiter, famous for his skills as a lover
(not for nothing, truffles are considered one of the most aphrodisiac foods).

The ancient Greeks had therefore grasped the essence of this extraordinary product,
which derives from the union of the 4 elements: water, earth, air, and fire.

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King of Truffles has joined TrackIT blockchain.
The value chain for the traceability of Made in Italy.

Italian Truffle Ambassador

Italian Truffle Ambassador

King of Truffles not only conveys a love for truffles, but a true philosophy:
the most beautiful and noble of foods can be found in the most unexpected places.

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Uncontaminated Molise

Uncontaminated Molise

Molise, a territory that has long kept its treasure hidden,
has finally shown the world its most precious diamond.

The Molise area is characterized by a geographical and climatic situation
that creates a favorable environment for agro-forestry development

Industries in this area are almost non-existent
and the territory has not undergone traumatic interventions by man.

These two factors, along with the favorable orographic and climatic aspects,
have made and continue to make the area more suitable for the proliferation of high-quality truffles.

A unique product

In a rich and uncontaminated land, King of Truffles are born,
a guarantee of the highest quality and sophistication.

The intoxicating scent is characterized by the precious microelements
offered by the Molise undergrowth.

Color, flavor, and aroma will depend on the type of plant.

Its taste is bold, enveloping, full, and unmistakable.

Tartufo Bianco

White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

is one of the most exquisite varieties, considered the diamond of truffles for its quality and commercial value. It is very rare due to the need for high biodiversity, rich in water and mineral salts, and has varying sizes, ranging from that of a walnut to that of an orange.

Peridium: smooth, light ochre in color, sometimes greenish
Gleba: hazelnut color, with thin veins
Symbiotic plants: oak, poplar, willow, lime, beech
Harvest period: October 1st- December 31st

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Tartufo Nero

Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)

has excellent culinary qualities, the outer surface is black in color and covered with pyramid warts, reaching considerable dimensions that can even reach 700 grams in weight. It has an intense and inviting aromatic smell, with a combination of forest scents.

Peridium: brown, with evident pyramid warts
Gleba: dark, marbled, light when the truffle is unripe
Symbiotic plants: oak, hazel, hornbeam
Harvest period: May 1st – August 30th

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Tartufo uncinato

Burgundy Truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin)

is a highly appreciated category of truffle in France, known as “Truffle de Bourgogne”. It has high organoleptic qualities, a much more intense and pronounced taste than summer black truffles, and is aesthetically perfect. It reaches considerable sizes and, thanks to the cold winter climate, it is not attacked by flies and insects.

Peridium: similar to the precious black truffle
Gleba: darker with more pronounced veins
Symbiotic plants: oak, hazel, beech
Harvest period: Autumn – Winter

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Tartufo Bianchetto

Spring White Truffle (Tuber Borchii Vittadini)

is perfect for use in hunting (hares, pheasants, woodcocks, wild boar) due to its various flavors. It does not reach large dimensions and has an irregular, humped, tuber-shaped carpophore, devoid of basal prominence.

Peridium: of color, whitish in young specimens, brown with rusty spots when ripe
Gleba: initially whitish, then tawny and finally purple-brown
Symbiotic plants: broad-leaves and conifers
Harvest period: January 15th – March 30th

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Product of the Land


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Taste to believe!
Ettore Pettorossi
Ettore Pettorossi
Il top. Nulla da aggiungere
Student Service Academy
Student Service Academy
Super azienda. Complimenti. Tartufo veramente di altro livello. Personale qualificatissimo
Marilena Cesare
Marilena Cesare
Ottima azienda e prodotti al tartufo di eccezionale qualità. consigliatissimo.
Evelina Semprebuono
Evelina Semprebuono
Ottimi prodotti
Fabiana Maddonni
Fabiana Maddonni
Persone professionali, prodotto ottimo! Complimenti
Lucia Fraraccio
Lucia Fraraccio
Ottimo prodotto!! Azienda seria!!
Raffaela Magnifico
Raffaela Magnifico
Squisitamente mortale!!tra le migliori esperienze gastronomiche provate, da non perdere

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History and Passion

The King of Truffles is a young and dynamic company
that relies on the most experienced collaborators and truffle hunters.

There are two main excellences: the selection of the best truffles, pure and uncontaminated,
and the safeguarding of the territory in which the products are sought and selected
in full respect of the environment in which they operate.

We are talking about a part of the Molise, Lazio, and Abruzzo National Park and the province of Isernia,
lands that account for up to 40% of the total production of truffles in Italy.

Italia Molise

The thirty years of experience of our specialists, the in-depth knowledge of the sector and the product, as well as technical expertise,
make King Of Truffles a trusted and reliable partner in a refined and highly competitive gastronomic environment.
In addition to this, there is a courteous service towards the Customer, carefully curated at every stage of the relationship,
from the first meeting to long-term loyalty.


Immerse yourself in the world of King of Truffles.

Value your time.

Treat yourself to the luxury of good.

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