Burgundy Truffle

(Tuber Uncinatum Chatin)

The Burgundy Truffle, also known as “Truffe de Bourgogne,” represents a category of truffle particularly appreciated in France, renowned for its exclusive gastronomic qualities. This precious fungus exhibits high-level sensory characteristics, distinguished by an incredibly intense and robust flavor, surpassing the profile of the summer black truffle. In addition to its extraordinary taste qualities, the Burgundy Truffle also stands out for its beauty.

The size of the Burgundy Truffle can reach remarkable levels, giving each specimen a majesty that makes it even more desirable to connoisseurs’ eyes. Thanks to the cold winter climate, this precious fungus is protected from the attack of flies and insects, thus preserving its integrity and culinary value. Its exclusivity and distinctive sensory profile make it a true delight for the most refined palates, confirming its position as an authentic gastronomic treasure in the French and international culinary scene.

Peridium: similar to the prized black truffle.

Gleba: darker with more pronounced veins.

Symbiotic plants: oak, hazel, beech.

Harvest period: Autumn – Winter.