Black Truffle

(Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)

The Black Truffle is renowned for its extraordinary culinary qualities, making it a true delight for the senses. Its outer surface, of a deep and enticing black color, is dotted with pyramid-shaped warts that give the truffle a unique aesthetic characteristic. Not uncommonly, this precious fungus reaches considerable sizes, weighing up to 700 grams, making it a true gastronomic jewel.

What truly makes the black truffle special is its aromatic, intense, and enveloping scent, inviting exploration of the forest flavors. As one approaches this nature’s treasure, the air becomes infused with a bouquet of earthy, musky, and woody aromas, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere. It’s like diving into the depths of the forest, where every breath reveals layers of complex aromas and sensory nuances.

Peridium: brown, with prominent pyramid-shaped warts.

Gleba: dark, marbled, light when the truffle is unripe.

Symbiotic plants: oak, hazel, hornbeam.

Harvest period: May 1st – August 30th.