Tuber magnatum pico

One of the most highly esteemed truffles, extremely rare due to its need for an uncontaminated environment and high level of biodiversity conditions. Rich in water and mineral salts it ranges in size: from that of a walnut to an orange, in rare and fortunate cases it can become of exceptional size. It is considered the "diamond" of truffles for its preciousness and its commercial value.
Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): Smooth, light ochre yellowish colour, sometimes greenish
Gleba or pulp (internal part): Nut brown colour with fine veins
Aroma: Intense and aromatic, unmistakable
Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): Oak, poplar, willow, linden, beech
Distribution:: 100% in our area during the harvesting season
Harvest season: 1st October - 31st December

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