Tuber Ucinatum Chatin

The uncinate Truffle belongs to a category of truffles highly appreciated in France known as "Truffe de Bourgogne". It is a quality that ripens in the Autumn - Winter season. It has high organoleptic qualities, aesthetically perfect it reaches considerable size and thanks to the cold winter climate it is not attacked by flies and insects. Its flavour is much more intense, distinctive and pleasant than that of the summer truffle.
Peridium or peel (surface of the truffle): Smooth, light ochre yellowish colour, sometimes greenish
Gleba or pulp (internal part): Darker with more evident veins
Aroma: Very intense, fruity
Symbiont Plants (the mother plants that produce it): Oak, hazelnut, beech
Distribution: 40% in our area, during the harvesting season
Harvest season: Autumn - Winter

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