The sale of Products branded "King of Truffles" remote completed through the Website e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is governed by the following General Conditions of Purchase (hereinafter referred to as the "General Conditions").
The Products offered on the Site are directly sold from King of Truffles LTD (hereinafter indicated as "KOT").
KOT is an Italian company established in Italy with legal office in Florence, ZIP code 50142 at Via del Pignoncino no. 25 and administrative office in Isernia, ZIP code 86170, at Via G. Berta no. 141.
If the text of the following General Purchase Terms and Condition conflict with the Italian version, will prevail the Italian.
KOT in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and partners, has decided to carry out, in parallel with the ordinary network of official sales, a distance selling network of some Products through the Website, offering a selection of some categories of KOT Products.
The KOT Products offered for can be viewed on the Website.


Unless otherwise stated, for the purposes of these General Conditions, the following terms meant to:

  • King of Truffles, KOT, King of Truffles s.r.l.: the Seller of Products and goods at a distance on the Website, as well as owner of the Products, brands and distinctive signs on the same Products;
  • Customer, User, Buyer, Consumer (also plural): the person who proposes to acquire and subsequently buys the Products and goods on the Website and pay the costs of them, after having reviewed and approved these General Purchase Terms and Conditions, as prescribed in the same Website;
  • is the e-commerce site ( "Website") of King of Truffles properties as well as the only official digital platform where the Products or the goods owned by the King of Truffles are sold a distance;
  • Products or goods: they are the property of the King of Truffles offered for sale on the Website and which are provided: the description, the price, the availability and all the other identifying information.

Regulatory law - Application - Scope

  1. The use of distance selling services described in these General Conditions is reserved exclusively for Consumers (hereinafter referred to as "Customer / s, User / s, Buyer / s") understood as to persons acting for purposes not related to his business activity, craft or profession, over the age of 18. Any way the Consumer definitions is refers at the definitions stated by paragraph no. 3 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 "Code of consumption, in accordance with Paragraph 7 of the Law of 29 July 2003 n. 229".
  2. It forbidden the resale, the rental or disposal for any commercial or professional purposes of Products purchased from the Website.
  3. KOT can make, at any time, changes to these General Terms and Conditions.
  4. To ensure a correct process of purchase - as better described hereinafter - the User must read and accept, through the check procedure of text boxes that will appear before the purchase, the General Conditions in force at the time of its purchase. KOT will file on a digital support the acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions.
  5. In any case, a copy of the General Conditions approved by the Customer/Users will be sent in digital form, from KOT to Customer/Users via e-mail.

Conditions of purchase

  1. The Purchase agreement of KOT Products are regulated and governed by these General Conditions.
    The General Purchase Conditions discipline the definition of the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of a distance selling of Products and goods offered for sale in the online store, owned by King of Truffles s.r.l.
    The purchase Website process requires reading, knowledge and express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which govern the relationships and contractual obligations.
  2. The distance selling operations are regulated by the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 185 of 22/05/1999 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / CE on the protection of Consumers in respect of distance contracts" and by Legislative Decree. No. 206/2005 "Code of consumption, in accordance with Article 7 of the Law of 29 July 2003 n. 229" as amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/2014 "Implementation of Directive 2011/83 / UE on Consumer rights, amending Council Directives 93/13 / CEE and 1999/44 / CE and repealing Directives 85/577 / CEE and 97/7 / CE".
  3. At the protection of confidentiality data in the context of sales operations shall apply the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data" and Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/CE (general Regulation on data protection).
  4. This agreement has as object the purchase of Products marketed by in the quantity and in quality selected by the Consumer on the Website.
    When the Consumer login and use the Website he must view and accept these Terms and Conditions before confirming the purchase. The sending of the order confirmation therefore implies knowledge of the General Conditions and their full acceptance. KOT invites to read and to file the General Conditions on any media, in order to satisfy the condition of paragraph no. 49 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
  5. The Consumer can quit to access to the Website or use it in case he did not want to accept and follow these Terms and Conditions..

Purchase process

  1. The purchase of Products, available as shown on the Website in the descriptive Product data sheets, is made at the price indicated, expressed in euro, including VAT.
    Transport costs are not included in the price of Products but they are quantified and displayed separately at the time of purchase and are charged on the Consumer.
    Before confirming the purchase will be shown the unit cost of each Product chosen, the total cost in the case of most Products and the transport costs. By confirming the purchase, the User will receive an e-mail message containing the date and the total amount of the order and the details of the same. KOT invites to read the General Conditions before forwarding the request to purchase the Product and, in the case of sharing of its, to accept expressly them.
  2. The ordering process is simple. If have selected a Product, after adding it to the shopping cart, shall select the button "Vai alla cassa." This will open a page where the User enter the data for billing and shipping, with the ability to store and facilitate subsequent purchases.
    If delivery address is different from the billing address, User can also specify that address. If have a KOT’s coupons can use it during this phase. After specifying data, choosing the shipping method, standard or express, and accept the Terms and Conditions, User can move to the payment process, through which choose the preferred mode. User will receive an order confirmation e-mail.
    To check the order status can access the "Il mio account" and then on "I miei Ordini" which will display a list of all orders.

Orders and billing

  1. Orders are accepted by the User’s selection on the Website. The agreement shall be concluded when the Client shall pay the full amount with one of the available payment methods.
    The subjects that require a tax invoice must provide the VAT number and all other data for its issue. The Tax Invoice may also be issued after the delivery of the goods, within the time prescribed by law.

Payment methods

  1. The prices of the Products are clearly indicated on the Website and are inclusive of VAT. The price of the Products does not include the shipping cost.
    The payment of the purchased Products and their shipping costs will be made at the moment of the order confirmation through the use of one of the credit cards available and listed online, or by sending a bank transfer made out to:

    IBAN IT 91 Y 02008 15603 000101495941

    The purchase through the use of the Credit Card involves card details. KOT, in order to offer extensive warranty to its Customers, allows the use of the Pay Pal system.

Delivery and shipping

  1. Through the e-commerce service, KOT makes deliveries using specialized Carriers. The purchased Products are delivered directly to the address indicated during the purchase process. Each shipment contains the Products ordered and the relevant documentation.
  2. Delivery times depending on the availability of goods or Products and according to the delivery status.
  3. KOT is not liable for damages suffered by the Customer due to delays in delivery.
  4. Upon delivery, the customer is required to verify that the package is intact or not. Only after the check he can accept the delivery, otherwise it will be obliged to reject the package and request directly and exclusively at the Carrier the damage or the compensation.
    If there is no correspondence between the order and delivery, the customer must raise an objection by phone at +39 0865.411245 or by sending an e-mail customer service at

Right of early termination

  1. KOT acknowledge at the Customer the right of early terminate the agreement pursuant paragraph no. 52 of Legislative Decree No. 205/2006 and subsequent amendments, with the exception of the cases referred to in Paragraph no. 59 Leg. n. 205/2006.
    Therefore, the Customer can exercise the right of early termination no later than fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the goods.
    This right must be exercised sending a written communication by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to King of Truffles LTD, Via Giovanni Berta 141-86170 Isernia (IS), Italy. The communication can be also sent, within the same period, to to e-mail.
  2. Following the early termination, the Products must be returned intact, in undisturbed conditions and complete with original packaging, at the Customer's expense, not later than 15 days from the early termination communication. KOT will back the amounts of price within a maximum of 30 days from the date in which KOT has come to aware of the right of termination by the Customer and in anyway not before having received the shipment of return and checked the status of the goods. The costs and risks of returning Products shall be charge on Customer.
  3. The right of early termination cannot be exercised by company or similar and natural persons that acting for purposes related to a business.
  4. For any information, question or support request the Costumer can contact suggest the number assigned at end of the order, and stated in the order confirmation sent via e-mail.
  5. In anyway and notwithstanding the above, once exercised in the terms the early termination, the User is obligated to the provisions of Paragraph no. 57 of Legislative Decree No. 205/2006 concerning the "obligations of the Consumer in case of early termination."

Limitation of liability

  1. KOT is not liable for any damage resulting from use or incorrect use of the service provided by In no case KOT, its representatives and its employees, shall be liable to the User or anyone else.
  2. KOT assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions in the Website or any web site which may reference or link.
  3. KOT reserves the right to continuous updating the Website that can be made at any time. The Information may contain inaccuracies of any kind or typos.
  4. KOT does not guarantee that the services provided by will be provided without interruption and in such cases this will be communicated in advance, except for reasons beyond the control of KOT.
  5. KOT assumes no liability for problems due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and/or other events that could prevent, in whole or in part, to implement in the contract on time. KOT will not be liable to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above, since the customer is only entitled to a refund of the price.
  6. The Customer must be preventively information, according to its national legislation, on conditions and entry requirements of KOT Products on its territory, especially outside Europe.
  7. KOT disclaims any liability in the event that the competent authorities of the territory in which the Products are to be shipped do not allow for any reason related to internal regulations of that territory to enter in that territory.
    In such cases, the User agrees to indemnify KOT of costs, expenses and / or negative consequences that could arise from phytosanitary controls or customs or other and he undertakes to not request reimbursement or compensation to KOT.
  8. KOT is only responsible for licenses, permits and all other regulatory authorizations required by the Italian government to place the Product on the market.

User's liability

  1. The User is obliged to ensure that their data are true, complete, updated and to communicate any modification of the same. In the event that make false statements, it is provided for the loss of the benefits obtained from the services provided.
    KOT reserves the right to erase these subjects from their lists of customers, once formal and not accepted the invitation to self-correction.

Returns and Refunds

  1. If for any reason the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase order, he may claim a refund and return it in an easy and fast way. The right of early termination is regulated by law. It possible to return the Product/s purchased sending their intention within fourteen (14) working days from the date of delivery of the order.
  2. If the Product is damaged or deformed and this not depend to the Carrier that has shipped the pack, shall be possible replace it with same Product ordered, with the obligation for the Customer to return the damaged Product within 14 days from the date of delivery (subject to availability). All shipping costs are charged to the Customer.
  3. If the order is not yet being delivered, you can contact us in order to cancel or modify the order, thus achieving the full amount paid. If, instead, the Product is in preparation or delivery, the order can no longer be canceled. It will be necessary to define a Return on demand Product.
  4. The refund will be made by crediting on the credit card, bank transfer or PayPal: to indicate the selected method, just send an e-mail to At partial refunds will match partial refunds. KOT will provide at the refund in accordance with the system of choice within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date that has come to KOT aware of the right of early termination by the Customer and not before it had received the shipment of return and checked the status of the goods subject to termination. Refund on bank account or PayPal will be viewable within a few days depending on the chosen payment method.
  5. Confirmed orders cannot be modified. For any requests, please write to

Copyright e trademark

  1. Given that: 1. in the Website pages do not intend to voluntarily reproduce any copyrighted material or in violation of the law and 2. for any material original and protected published on is cited source, in case it encounters a violation of copyrighted material must inform the Staff of KOT via e-mail that will investigate immediately and solve, in condition found, removing such content.
  2. We note that each Product or Product’s name and description of each denomination and its description, company, corporation, personal names, trademarks, logos mentioned on this Website are trademarks or elaborated their respective owners or holders and may be protected by patents and / or copyrights granted or registered by the authorities.
  3. KOT declares that all contents of the site, trademark, figurative or names, and all other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, trade names, pictures, images, logos appearing in Website regarding KOT are and remain the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are protected by national and international laws on copyright, patents and other intellectual property and / or industrial.
  4. The unauthorized use of the material listed by third parties will be punished according to the provisions of the law in the World.
    Any violation to the protection of the trademark, internationally registered, and brand Products will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities.


  1. Pursuant Paragraph no. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data" KOT inform the Customer that the processing of data provided to KOT or site being recorded at this site has the primary purpose of registering the User and bring to a conclusion the purchase transaction. The provision of data is optional but a refusal to supply determines the inability to perform the on-line shopping service.
  2. The personal data are collected and processed by mode, even with the help of electronic means, directly and / or through third party (a company for home delivery, for mailing and data entry) for the following purposes:
    - Administrative management of orders and purchases;
    - Management of any participation in loyalty programs;
    Statistical purposes related to the detection of the purchase behavior;
    Send advertising material about Products and offerings through the use of newsletters, sms, whatsapp, skype, mms and other social network.
  3. In any case KOT undertakes not to communicate or disclose the data collected unnecessary for the accomplishment of the above services and to perform unnecessary treatment, not relevant and exceeding the contractual requirements.
  4. Under Paragraph no. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the Customer has the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning him and their communication in intelligible form. He have the right to obtain information:
    - The origin of personal data
    - The purposes and methods of treatment;
    - The logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic instruments;
    - The identity of the owner, manager and the designated representative under Article 5, paragraph 2;
    - The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents.
    Have the right to:
    - Updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
    - The cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
    - Confirmation that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, also as regards their content, to those to whom the data were communicated or disclosed, except if this proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.
    He has the right to object, in whole or in part:
    - For legitimate reasons the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;
    - To the processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.
    The data controller is KOT.

Cookie Policy

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