La Tartufaia del Re


Molise, little know and unspoilt land whith unique smells and colors, among his infinite natural beauty hides the most precious treasure of the whole peninsula: the truffle.
King of Truffles since and always guarantees the highest quality of its products. However to ensure the highest quality it’s necessary to safeguard the environment where those truffles are collected. The company stands for the hunting mode of truffles, sustainable and fully respectful of the rythms of the land: research and collection are made only after an order and in the period of time that ensures freshness and excellence of truffles.
King of truffles enrolls the best miners of young age and takes advantage of the experience of older ones. Biologists and botanists, agronomists and marketers complete the team. The idea of “La Tartufaia del Re” is born with the aim to preserve a corner of our territory, an opportunity to preserve the habitat, the flora and the fauna that have always populated , eriched and fertilized these territories, allowing to obtain excellent and unrivaled quality truffles. "La Tartufaia del Re" è un progetto di crowdfunding ospitato sulla piattaforma WoopFood.

"My passion is my land and its own fruits."

Edmondo Angelaccio, General Manager King of Truffles